Small-town journalist Ilene Ishue stumbles into the story of a lifetime when she encounters a secret society hell-bent on harnessing the energy that propels the living into the afterlife.

What happens next will change Ilene’s (and humanity’s) life irreparably, and will forever blur the lines of existence.

Eternity bridges the instant between life and death…

Afterimage is the story of the people who unravel this mystery, watch it spiral out of control, and barely avert a global disaster.

Ilene Ishue is rapidly watching her dream of a Pulitzer Prize fade… until by chance she finds herself in exactly the right place at exactly the right moment.

As she pursues the story of a mysterious hospital explosion, she discovers a secret world of researchers intent on understanding the intricacies of the transition from life to death.

The ramifications of these experiments draw the attention of diverse group of professionals: an International Atomic Energy Agency station chief in the Indian Ocean, a field agent of the Environmental Protection Agency in San Francisco, and an iconic owner of a medical equipment conglomerate headquartered in Texas.

What they learn will change everything we know and believe about our universe, providing they can avert the apocalyptic chain reaction they’ve started.

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