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***2nd Edition*** Your Definitive Guide to Calligraphy!

Get started with Calligraphy and master the best techniques

In Calligraphy – The Definitive Guide – Learn Top Calligraphy Techniques and Master the Art of Lettering, you’ll learn all about calligraphy, starting with the different writing systems around the world. You will also learn about how to use these systems to create beautiful written work. Calligraphy is able to make documents, certificates and manuscripts more attractive. In this book, you will find practical and functional ideas to guide you through learning calligraphy. Using the Latin alphabet as an example for practicing calligraphy, you shall learn about:

•How to put together all the materials you need to get started
•The difference between a downward stroke and an upward stroke
•The parts that make up a letter
•What to do when your attempts at calligraphy are going wrong
•How to develop your own technique!

From this book, you will learn about the different elements that may up your technique, such as dipping and holding. In addition, you will discover why it is important to control your hands and arms so that they remain steady as you create attractive letters

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Calligraphy is an excellent hobby, and one that can even be transformed into a way to earn money for your life. This book explains why consistent practice is the key to success. The tips and ideas in this book will teach you everything that you need to know when it comes to modern calligraphy Use the information within this book and get inspired to create your own calligraphy projects.

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