[Arts & Photography][Free] Camera Guide: A Beginners Guide to Digital Photography

Are you interested in Photography?
Have you recently purchased a digital camera and want to get the most out of it?
You probably need help and this new book provides you with everything you need to know to get started taking fantastic photographs, almost at once; photos so good, your friends will be wondering if you’ve a professional course.
Inside the pages you’ll not just find the basic principles of photography
But also, in-depth explanations on things like:
•Understanding the camera settings
•How to master the exposure triangle
•Depth of field
•The rules of composition
•Tips for beginners to Digital Photography
•And much more

The beauty of digital photography means that the results are instant, with no more messing around taking film to a photographic shop or worrying if they’ve come out right.
With digital, you can take and store many hundreds of snaps and simply delete the ones you don’t want. But there are still many things to learn.
So, get a copy of this amazing book and make sure you start the way you mean to go on, with the perfect photographs.

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