[Biographies & Memoirs][Free] Killer Granny : The True Story of Serial Killer Helen Golay

Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt looked like two normal elderly women who would attend services at the First Presbyterian Church in Hollywood. They would also volunteer and help the homeless, eager to give any of the down and out men a hello or an encouraging word.
They went so far as to take two of them into one of the many apartments Helen Golay owned. They would house, feed and clothe them.
But there was an ulterior motive to their benevolence.
They would apply for numerous life insurances for the vagrants, sometimes up to a one million dollars. Then they would list themselves as the beneficiaries.
After two years, the insurance company would be forced to pay out as the elderly women knew that was the time when the policy became uncontestable according to California law.
Helen and Olga would sign the homeless men up for the life insurance and count the days after the policies became official. They would then ply the men with drugs and lay their unconscious bodies in a side alley, late at night.
Then they would run over them with their car.
Knowing that hit-and-run were not part of the connect the dot murder scenarios by law enforcement, the savvy senior citizens had gotten away with their crimes for years.
Until they made one mistake…

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