[Education & Teaching][Free] Speed Reading: Read Faster Now: A Step By Step Guide To Help You Increase Your Reading Speed

Do you enjoy reading but wish you could read faster?

Many of us wish we could read faster which is exactly why this book was written.

Reading is one of those activities in life that one does for leisure, to gain information, for catching up and to satisfy one’s need to learn. Reading is an activity that has been dying a slow death because of information shrinking and technology making it easier for us to scan items for information instead of thoroughly reading. Reading has been pushed down on our priority lists. However, this book is not about how reading is an art that needs to be revived. This book is about how to read in a way that does not interfere with the time limits and energy that have been allowed to your life for this task.

Written with the aim of walking you through the art of speed reading, this book contains tricks and tips that will help you grasp the concept of balancing reading and your personal time in order to improve your life and scholarly successes.

We all need to give ourselves more credit when it comes to our lives. There are many things that no matter how much time, effort and practice we put in, we cannot succeed as much as we wish. But, speed reading, luckily for you, does not fall into that category. Learning the techniques it takes to speed read can be done at any point in your life, you just have to be willing to make the leap to change something we use to function in everyday society and in each day of our lives. Why not make something we already do every day a bit more convenient and practical?

Overall, this book is the perfect guide to help you hone your skill of balancing. Not only will you be taught how to speed read, but you’ll also be instructed in the skills required to adapt to the art as quickly as possible.

Within the pages of this book, you will learn

  • what speed reading is and why it’s important
  • stages of speed reading
  • how to make it a habit
  • tips to improve your speed reading comprehension
  • how to be a smart speed reader

… and much, much more

Download your copy today and read faster tomorrow!

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