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Are you happy?

3 books in 1!

One of the biggest differences between successful people and struggling people are who they surround themselves with. Successful people often have mentors and don’t blame others for their shortcomings. Instead they seek the right information and take responsibility for their lives in regards to develop themselves into the people they want to be. And by doing so they are often much more happy than the average people!

The Question is. How happy are you?

This books is not about positive thinking or trying to play games with your mind. This book is straight out to the point of what works. Our lives is build upon a few things. Habits – they things we do all day. Goals – our visions. Emotional intelligence – the ability to have the mind in place. This book talkes about just that!

James Smith, the author of this book, will be your life coach in this book and walk you through everything from setting goals, implementing the best domino habits and develop the mindset you must have to be in charge of your life!

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