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Ah, the joys of parenthood: being woken a couple times a night to the sound of a screaming child. Drinking gallons of coffee to keep you awake during the work day. And at the end of the day, coming home to your needy, hungry mini humans that are beyond demanding before even getting the chance to sit down. Your mind is pondering over the regret of that one time you had beautiful intercourse with the mission in mind to create the once amazing idea of a child, the same child tugging at your shirt right now. What has your life come to? Are you always going to be under the demand of this tiny monster? The stress is never ending, and as it piles up, you become more and more desperate for some kind of change that will lead to a different change of pace when it comes to living day in and day out with your kid(s).

Stumbling upon this book, you have come to the right place. Within the pages of this information novel lies the golden answers behind:

•The reasons why parents now a days are SO stressed out
•The real obstacles behind the doors of one-parent house holds
•The complex struggles that step-parents face
•The realities of people who become parents at young ages have to deal with
•The idea of having a stress-free life as a parent, and if it is really attainable
•Tried and true parenting tips and tricks that will help you manage you daily stress
•How to develop your own coping mechanisms against the stress of raising a child
•And more!

Children should be seen as blessings, but the stress of raising tiny humans can lead us in hallucination, seeing them as either mini devils or delicate angels. What we see is highly dependent on how we manage the stress of everyday living and learning new and improved ways to teach our kids valuable lessons in life. This is quite the responsibility for any adult, whether extremely young or decently matured.

You can either let your children wreak havoc on your daily life in negative ways, or learn innovative ways in dealing with the stress of all that responsibility that is now on your shoulders for LIFE, because we all know kids do not just go away at the age of 18. You are someone they will look up to for guidance until death do you part. So why not learn the best ways to make the best better in your daily habits?

It is about time that you get a handle on your stress, for the betterment of your children. This book will provide numerous tips in customizing your own personal plan for pure Zen with a house of high-strung children.

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