[Parenting & Relationships][Free] Someone to Love You (Back Down Memory Lane Series)

Simone Pierson doesn’t have the best home life to make her feel optimistic about her future. She has a hard working mother who was the root cause for her father no longer being in her life. She has an older sister whose selfish actions constantly makes herself to be the center of their mother’s attention. Simone feels like an unknown and unloved stranger in her own home, but it doesn’t keep her for hoping for something better to come along. She meets Aquilles Davidson and they discover that they have the same goals and aspirations and they work together to make them a reality. As they grow closer to each other and in their relationship, the circumstances in the lives of their families cause setbacks that make them have to work harder to get where they are trying to go. Aquilles brings to her life the one thing she found hard to get at home- love. When their relationship is tested, Simone has to decide if her family is worth losing her soul mate for.

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