[Religion & Spirituality][Free] Mail Order Brides and Mothers-in-Law Boxed Set

Three western romances for only $0.99!

A new Boxed Set from #1 Best Selling author Emily Woods!

Three women risk everything and head west searching for true love. When they arrive, they soon encounter an obstacle they never expected – their future mother-in-law. Sometimes they are helpful and sometimes, not so much. In the end, their future mothers-in-law will play a big roll, for better or worse, in finding true love.

Buy the Brides and Mothers-in-Law Boxed Set and get lost in three inspirational western romances today!

Included Stories:

Emily and the Overbearing Mother-in-Law – Emily heads West looking for love and adventure as a mail order bride. When she arrives, everything seems perfect until she meets her new mother-in-law who is intent on ruining the new relationship. When an apparent tragedy forces Emily and her new mother-in-law together, things begin to change. Can Emily and Minnie overcome their differences to save the man they both love?

Sylvia and the Sympathetic Mother-in-Law – Sylvia heads West looking for love and a new life. When she arrives with a secret handicap, Ambrose is put off and the new relationship seems destined to fail. With help form her would-be mother-in-law, Sylvia strives to overcome her handicap and win Ambrose’s heart. Can they overcome their rocky start and find love?

Edith and the Vengeful Mother-in-Law – Edith has lived a life of luxury but dreams of a life of adventure. When she finds the man of her dreams as a mail order bride, it looks like she is going to get everything she always dreamed of. But when she faces the wrath of her would-be mother-in-law, she just might lose everything. Can she turn a protective mother into a loving mother-in-law and find true love?

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