KDP Free Promo Optimization

For any promotion, you should have your book optimized to get the best results possible.
Here are the 4 most important things that you should focus on:

1. Cover
2. Keywords
3. Description
4. Reviews

I go over one at a time and show you how to make each of these book aspects work to bring in as many book sales possible.

1. Your Book’s Cover

Your book’s cover is the first thing most people see. When people are browsing through books, your cover should catch their eyes and make them want to click on it. If your cover isn’t up to par, it will cause people to skip on by your book.

However, if your book can capture the viewer’s attention & appeal to them, then you will make them interested in your book. They will click on your book and most likely look at the description, reviews & quick preview. If they like what they see, they will buy your book.

Your cover needs to make a good first impression, so it’s very important that make sure you have a great cover.

I will go over these 2 methods for getting your cover created:
1. Buying a cover
2. Making your own covers

Buying A Cover

Buying your own cover is often easier & has a better result. The quality of your cover will mostly depend on where you buy it from.
Buying a cover is very simple & straight forward, so there isn’t a need for me to provide instructions.

Here’s a list of great places to buy covers:


Making Your Own Cover

You can also create perfect covers by yourself. You need a photo editing application, like Photoshop or even Windows Paint or even Words enough.

You can easily edit cover templates. You can find more and more FREE templates on this site.

Resources page

2. Your Book’s Keywords

Keywords are very important, and many people don’t pay enough attention to it. After your book’s promotion is finished, your book will heavily rely on it’s keywords. If you’ve got the right keywords, your book will be shown to people that are interested & more likely to buy your book.

Good keyword will also mean more traffic to your book from Amazon. After your own promotion is finished, Amazon will start to promote your book for you. You will want your book to be promoted to the right people, don’t you?

So, here’s a good & easy method that works well for gathering keywords…

It starts with common sense.

First, go to Amazon.com.

Then you must search a keyword related to your book. Be sure to search in the “Kindle eBooks” category.
For example, if you have a romance book you will search words related to that genre.

Then you just choose the words related to your book. The words at the top are the most searched for.
Also, you can find more keywords next to “Related Searches”.

Use all 7 keywords! Make the most out of them.

3. Your Book’s Description

Your description is very important. When done well, you can use it to convince & persuade people into buying your book.
It’s usually best to base your description off of successful books that are similar to yours. Try to find a pattern in those book’s descriptions. Or you can just find the #1 best selling book in your genre, then use it’s description as a template. (Example: If your book is contemporary romance, then look at the best selling books in the “contemporary romance” genre.)

Here is how I usually lay out of my book descriptions…

2. A main headline to catch the reader’s attention
3. A brief description of what’s inside the book, while still keeping interest.
4. Bullet points of the book’s benefits
5. Why you’ll love it

If you don’t want to write your own description, you may want to hire someone to do so. If you have a nonfiction book, this person will make a description for $5:


4. Your Book’s Reviews

Getting reviews can be pretty hard for any author. To get a large amount of reviews (30+) I usually just need a successful free promotion with thousands of downloads. After that, many reviews will come in naturally. However, you will usually need some good reviews to have success in the first place.

You should aim to get at least 6 reviews.

Your first several reviews are the hardest to get, so I will show you how to get them.

Here are a few different easy ways…

● Join an author’s review exchange group on Facebook
● Buying reviews on Fiverr (not usually recommended)
● Getting friends & family to review your book

Join an author review group on Facebook

To get reviews with this, you must first go to Facebook and join an author review group.

Here are a few good groups you can join:


After joining a few groups, you can offer review other authors’ books in exchange for reviews on your own book. It’s best to do this on a KDP free day, because people can download your book to leave a verified review. Otherwise, you can price your book at $0.99 and send an Amazon gift card of that amount to those that have agreed to review your books.

Fiverr Reviews

This option is a bit risky, and I know that many people will not like the idea of it. So I’m not recommending this to all of you.
However, this is the fastest & easiest way to get reviews. Because of that, I will still mention it here for people that want to use it at their own risk.

Here’s how to use this option…

Go to www.Fiverr.com, then search for “Kindle reviews”.

It will cost $5 to get a review.
However, you can get 2 reviews for $5 if you look around a bit more.

Getting friends & family to review your book

This is an obvious option. Just ask your friends & family to leave a simple review on your book. It doesn’t get more simple than this, and that’s why this isn’t a bad option for beginners that need to get their first few reviews.

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