[Science Fiction][Free] Degeneration: Escape From The Orb

The round up has begun.
You can run but you’ll still die.

In a society that shuns anyone different, having special abilities is a death sentence. What should be a blessing is a curse. Those with unique powers are taken to the facility and never heard from again. What happens inside the Orb? No one knows. No one tells. But everyone fears.

Jax’s world has imploded. His family has been torn apart. He’s on the run. Chased by biologically enhanced hunters called Shredders.

His only hope is to reach safety (and his little sister) before being captured. But first he must free his friend Clara before she’s taken to the Orb.

Shredders, soldiers and spies. They all want him dead.

Does one teenager really have a chance against those kinds of odds?

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