[Travel][Free] Survival Navigation: 20 Lessons How To Find Your Way In The Wilderness

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20 Lessons How To Find Your Way In The Wilderness

Have you ever been lost? Have you ever went down some path or side street and found yourself completely disoriented? Well don’t feel bad! This could happen to any of us! Even the most seasoned of explorers can find themselves of the beaten track! But there is good news! As long as you keep some important fundamentals in regard to navigation close to your heart, no matter how lost you get, you can easily find your way out!

This book presents 20 of those lessons! Learn in exquisite detail how you can boldly forge your own path through the wilderness! Discover how to find your way with nothing but the stars in the sky, and the compass in your hand! Figure out how to ascertain direction from the flow of a river! Create a solar compass and mark your position with smoke signals! All of these many aspects of direction are covered in this one comprehensive guide!

Buy this book and never get lost ever again! You don’t need to know a lot in order to successfully navigate through the wilderness, but the few things that you do need to know you need to know in depth, and you need to know it from an angle that you can easily approach no matter where you may be. This book provides you with that starting point. Read more to find out how!

This book will teach you how you can:

  • Navigate through the wilderness
  • Use varieties of directional compasses
  • Understand topographical maps
  • Use landmarks for navigation
  • And a whole lot more!

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